SmartImpact Promotes Smart, Sustainable Urban Development

SmartImpact is a partnership of 10 cities sharing experiences of the structures and processes needed to successfully plan, finance, develop and manage a Smart city. The core technologies, innovation and data which enable the smart city require cities to be in the driving seat. Agile city organisations and ecosystems are vital to enable the opportunity that technology provides.

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Data Governance & Integration for Smart Cities

Data Governance and integration addresses the challenges and opportunities that data brings, including open data, data marketplaces, ownership and data protection.

Organisational Development for Smart Cities

Organisational development explores the pathways used by Smart municipalities to be more agile by creating new structures.

Smart Finance & Procurement Initiatives for Smart Cities

Finance and procurement initiatives looks at the ways cities can plan, support and monetise new business models for innovation.

Supportive Regulations & Incentives for Smart Cities

Supportive regulations and incentives explores the ways Smart policies and regulations can enable efficient service delivery of outcomes for citizens.

Supporting Local Innovation Ecosystems for Smart Cities

Supporting local innovation ecosystems covers the range of stakeholders involved in a Smart city and the ways a city can build and support its own ecosystem.