Located in the northwest of the country, Zagreb the largest city and capital of the Republic of Croatia.

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It is home to the central government, administrative bodies and government ministries.  Today City of Zagreb has 800,000 inhabitants, with twofold growth in the last fifty years.  


Zagreb is the most important transport hub in Croatia where Central Europe, the Mediterranean and Southeast Europe meet, making the Zagreb area the centre of the road, rail and air networks of Croatia. It is a city known for its diverse economy, high quality of living, museums, sporting, and entertainment events.  The main areas of its economy are high-tech industries and the service sector.


As an important trading hub and tourist destination, the city recognises the importance of efficient transport and have worked on developing new plans to manage traffic and expand public transport links.  The motorway network has brought Croatia closer to Europe and has a positive impact on its regional integration of Croatia.

The city’s identity is built on both its historic fabric and modern facilities. An important element in the identity of the city is its cultural and architectural heritage.  There is a strong university and student presence and the city has a significant number of start-up and innovation businesses, mostly in digital industries located in business.


The vision for the City of Zagreb is to be an urban incubator of sustainable concepts, entrepreneurship and new values. The aim is to achieve this with an entrepreneurial approach, where the creative process seeks new ideas and creates new values.


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