Miskolc is the geographical centre of the north-east region, close to Slovakia and the Ukraine.

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It is Hungary’s fourth largest city (161,000 inhabitants) and the administrative and economic, centre of the region (300,000).  Miskolc is also home to popular landmarks, making it an attractive holiday destination and hosts several exhibitions and festivals making it a cultural centre.

The city was formerly known for its heavy industry, but has successfully restructured with new investments mainly to automotive industry, with major employers like Bosch and Takata, manufacturing components for vehicles. Recently the low rate of unemployment has made it difficult to attract new investment in the city, despite the University of Miskolc offering new industries a potential workforce of advanced and creative thinkers

To encourage investment, the city has focused on industrial infrastructure and research and development. The city is moving towards innovation, with forward-thinking planning strategies backed by the Hungarian government.


The development of the city is priority at both national and local level and this is reflected by the Hungarian government’s funding through the Modern Cities Programme and 13 innovative projects as a step to becoming a Smart city. To underpin this, Miskolc has drafted its own Smart city strategy detailing a number of innovation projects. Some of them are already underway. The delivery of the programme is a key focus for the city with a vision of becoming a Smart city by 2030. ERDF funding will also be channelled into sustainability related projects over the coming years.

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