The city of Guadalajara has a population of 83,500. The capital of the province of Guadalajara, it is located in central Spain 60 kilometres northeast of Madrid in the Castille-La Mancha region on the Henares River

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Guadalajara has an active Smart city programme which enjoys high level political support with a political post for sustainable urban development and Smart cities. The city has established important foundations for a successful smart city: it has developed a data platform and is working towards the integration of urban data and services; it is managing service providers with a goal for them contribute to smart city goals and the municipality is reorganising to best manage cross organisational issues and data driven projects in the future.


Guadalajara has ambitious smart city plans for services. The vision is to create a sustainable, smart, efficient, revitalized and integrated city. The city has taken an evolutionary approach to building a smart city and is successfully applying the living lab approach, learning from testing smart ideas in the city. The political commitment in Guadalajara to become a smart city is very high. This, combined with a compact city administration has led the city to move quickly and to be agile in rapidly implementing solutions.


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