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Innovation Supporting the City’s Commitment to Growth

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ScaleUp Porto is a catalyst to support and develop the network of individuals and organisations that share the vision for the city’s innovation ecosystem. The City of Porto is committed to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. The desire is to create a leading digital city and to support the economic competitiveness of the region by creating employment and improving the quality of life for citizens.



ScaleUp Porto supports and promotes activities, programs and strategies to attract investment to the city. It fosters knowledge sharing and technology training, bringing talent to the ecosystem and providing access to market.


Working in collaboration with innovation stakeholders, the city has lead the way with it’s ScaleUp Manifesto. Under this strategy, activities and programmes are developed collaboratively. The aim is to foster local development by focusing on the role of the city as an aggregator, supporting companies who are preparing to achieve sustainable development.

Under ScaleUp Porto, the municipality promote sand supports activities developed by innovation stakeholders. These activities enhance opportunities in the city, promote knowledge sharing and help create a network of entrepreneurs, businesses, investors and innovators. The programme also includes citizens, empowering them to take advantage of the growing innovation ecosystem.The ScaleUp network has an international profile.


Success factors

ScaleUp Porto works because it is part of a broader city strategy to develop innovation and competitiveness. The strategy fosters employment, economic development, internationalisation and the wellbeing of citizens.


ScaleUp Porto involves a broad range of innovation stakeholders:

• The City of Porto.

• Local universities.

• Local research centres.

• Large and small companies, and investors.

• It is also part of international networks e.g.Startup City Alliance Europe


Challenges & solutions

• Understanding each city stakeholder and providing the right support to meet their needs.

• Supporting a network can be demanding.

• Developing a deeper understanding of the concept and the individual organisations involved.

• Working in partnership with other organisations with similar interests and goals.

• Carrying out benchmarking across the different elements of the ecosystem to understand gaps and achievements.

• Using expert knowledge and experience to support stakeholders.

• Being part of international networks of cities and taking advantage of project opportunities.


• Increasing the number of collaborative initiatives between stakeholders

• Increasing the number of investors visiting the city

• Increasing the number of technology and innovation events and promote the concept of collaboration and support

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